The Start of A Brand


We believe that a great brand needs to be an authentic and well-thought out reflection of you and your company. 

We truly enjoyed meeting with this client to learn about her new adventure into setting up her own clinic. We have been partaking in her services as regular clients and we were thrilled with the opportunity to help her start her new journey.

When you sit to have a conversation with our favorite natural health specialist, you can feel the natural healing energy coming off of her. She speaks about her practice, principles and beliefs with so much passion that you can imagine the restoration you will experience sitting in her thoughtfully designed treatment rooms.

After one of our signature coffee dates- an absolute requirement to start working with any client- we were filled with inspiration for creating a website that would not only reflect her new space, but her positive vibrations as well. 

With the elements of chinese medicine, our client's energy and the spirit of rejuvenation in mind, we gathered images, fonts, color palettes and inspiration boards and go to work on creating her new brand. 

We are so pleased with how it turned out! The energetic blues and calming natural stone elements provided the perfect balance for the company and reflect the owner's personality as well as the experience of one of her treatments.