Holly and Oak was born during a coffee meeting between two friends. After catching up about life's happenings, we started talking about our passions. Both being local residents to the North and working in business and non-profits, we realized we shared a passion surrounding growth for the North. 

We were inspired to develop a service to meet the needs of small and start up businesses in the region so that they could develop an authentic brand that spoke to their clients and customers.




Kaleena was born, raised and educated in Prince George. Her time as a student and worker in the region helped her to develop a passion for growing small businesses along with the community. 

You've probably seen her work at events, on signage throughout the city and even in your hand on business cards at those networking events we all love.

Not only is she creative, and thus the lead of that department, she is also a whizz with business strategy, logistics and implementation of business processes.

She would love to meet with you and talk about your business to find out how we can work with you to make your vision a reality.




Dana was also born, raised and educated in Prince George. Although she spent some time in Kelowna after graduating from UNBC, she always returned "home" to PG. 

She has been involved over the past 6 years with community building projects and prior to Holly and Oak Design Company was busy helping local businesses with local marketing. Her passion is helping the little guy prosper, using tactics that work in the north. 

With an eye for business, Dana thrives on talking strategy and implementing unique plans that allow a business to stand out. She also loves teaching social media tactics and best practices. 

Let's grab a coffee and chat strategy for your business!

Thoughts About Us As Professionals

Kaleena brings a vibrance and passion to her work that is positively infectious within a team environment. Her high quality project work and creative approach to problem solving helped spur new ideas and achieve results that exceeded our expectations. Do you need a bright and energetic marketing and development professional? I recommend Kaleena!
— Brodie Guy, Executive Director, Coast Funds
Dana is an exceptional Digital Marketing Strategist. Her care for her customers and the local businesses that she serves allows her to build close relationships that are founded on trust, forming her strategy based on an understanding of both the customer’s unique business and her digital knowledge. Dana is a problem-solver and a clear communicator, which allows her to face any challenge thrown her way.
— Kendra Wingerter, Marketing Specialist, Avigilon
Working with Dana has been an educational and uplifting experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to marketing and does her research catering to my personal business goals. She is very professional, intelligent, and easy to work with!!
— Erin Fehler, Owner, Contours Salon
Kaleena is a wizard when it comes to doing basically anything. Her brain is a supercomputer, capable of completing tasks at a rate of 2-5 times faster than a normal human being.
— Kelly Bergman, President, BergMedia
Kaleena is a very efficient, organized and positive worker. She is full of great ideas and is extremely reliable and fun loving. Kaleena was an absolute delight to work with and she will be extremely successful in anything she does.
— Lindsay Cotter, Marketing and Communications Manger, PG Airport Authority



You may notice as you browse our website that coffee plays a pretty significant role. It is used in many of our branding images and is our favorite way to get to know clients.

It is because of the way our business was born- friends talking over coffee- that we are constantly inspired by the images and idea of coffee meetings. We are amazed by the level of connectivity and creativity that can be achieved in the span of time is takes to drink a cup;